May 12, 2021 Blogs

Aerospace Park Status Update: Ready for Move In!

Since breaking ground in 2018, the development of Tri-Cities Aerospace Park has come a long way. We’re looking forward to seeing this space serve as a hub for aircraft-related maintenance, repair, and overhaul companies. Here’s an update on the site’s progress and where we stand today:

All 160 acres of Aerospace Park are now ready for immediate development. Grading work is complete, utilities are set up, and the infrastructure is ready to go. The site is well-prepared for any business to move right in!

Located at Tri-Cities Airport in Northeast Tennessee, Aerospace Park has direct access to an 8,000 ft. main runway. Here are some quick stats about our airfield:

  • Elevation: 1,519 feet
  • Primary Runway 5/23: 8,000 x 150 feet
  • Runway 23: Category II Instrument Landing System (ILS)
  • Runway 5: Category I ILS
  • Secondary Runway 9/27: 4,447 x 150 feet
  • Runway 27: Precision Approach path indicator system
  • Police and aircraft rescue and firefighting services available at TRI 24 hours a day
  • All taxiways are 75 feet wide
  • No operation, air traffic, or noise restriction problems

Aerospace Park’s location offers strategic advantages. The site is close to two major interstates (1-81 and 1-26). Not only does TRI serve Northeast Tennessee, Southwest Virginia, Western North Carolina, and Eastern Kentucky, but the property’s position halfway between Miami and New York City make it central to major East Coast population centers.

Tenants of Aerospace Park benefit from close proximity to a dedicated, skilled workforce coming straight from the world-class aviation maintenance and advanced manufacturing programs at the Tennessee Center for Advanced Technology and the Regional Center for Advanced Manufacturing. Our network of local universities, technical colleges, and community colleges are also working to ensure a pipeline of aircraft engineers and technicians for years to come.

We’re excited about the increasing interest in the property. If you’d like to learn more, schedule a site tour today.